As we would like to assist you in your personal visitor marketing, please find some suggestions below which are meant to support you to attract more visitors to your stand.


You can increase your publicity by hanging fair posters (which were sent to you with your confirmation) in your company, factories or other places you believe that will catch the attention of your potential visitors.

You can also send the posters to your customers and ask them to hang these posters to noticeable places.


You can send the invitations that were sent to you to your potential visitors via regular mail. If you add a cover letter while sending your invitations, this will act as another reason for your visitor count to increase.

Since there is no limitation on the invitations, you can send them as many as you like, and order more from us free of charge.


Sending online invitations to your potential visitors is an effective and low-cost way of informing them that you’re exhibiting in them.

The online invitation can be found at our homepages. 


You can download the fair logo from our website and place it under your signatures while sending e-mails to your potential visitors. Or, you can include the fair logos in your e-mail correspondence.

You can also include the date and the venue of the fair as well as your hall and stand numbers along with the fair logo.

You can attract visitor attention by publishing the fair logo on your company’s web page.


You can guide your potential visitors by adding our website to the letterings and e-mailings. Various information and the application are available for visitors on the website.

You can share an invitation message that targets your potential customers and visitors via your available social media accounts about the exhibition.


You can highlight that you are exhibiting by pasting fair stickers which are sent to you, on the letters and envelopes to send your potential visitors.


• You can send informative e-mails and/or letters to your potential visitors about the exhibition. In these letters and/or e-mails you can use the materials above as you wish, to increase your visitor count.
• In your personal interactions, you can mention the exhibition and you’re exhibiting in them; and prepare a specialized invitation letter by preparing a text including the date and the venue of the fair as well as your hall and stand numbers.
• You can organize a meeting with your dealers on your stand during the fair.
• You can invite your existing customer portfolio to the fair and tryst with them to meet on your stand.
• You can mention about your support and participation through your interactions with written and visual media.

We are looking forward to having you in our fairs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


HM Ankiros
ike dijital
ike dijital